Deng Daniel Ngor, a Broadcast Journalist working for Mingkaman 100 FM is giving his best to give children access to education. Being part of the Radio networks supported by Internews with funding from USAID, he knows how important it is for the people to be well informed and educated and how media plays an important role in this. The challenges are enormous, but he is developing a great plan and Sisterschools supports this challenging project.

We are going to establish a digital exchange between a highschool in Bor and in the Netherlands to start up Sisterschools South Sudan. The aim is to teach the young students how to help educate the children in an orphanage in Mingkaman. Enabling this programme will give work to youn g people and help the young an vulnarable to get digital education. Because of the challenges in South Sudan, this is a very special Sisterschools exchange project!

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