We offer several possibilities to partner with a Sister School


"Shift the power is the name of a broadly supported development in the world of poverty reduction", It's read on the website of Dutch NGO 'Wilde Ganzen'. It refers to shifting the power from north to south. From western NGOs and foundations to local communities. But also from men to women. A crucial change: not the parties that leave one day, but the people who stay are the owners. As an owner you really feel and take responsibility. Shift the power is the key to successful and truly sustainable initiatives.


Only when schools are willing to collaborate and set up communication lines between their pupils, this digital exchange programme can reinforce the schools in the south. 'Wilde Ganzen' adds 1/3 of the budget that we gather in the Netherlands. Imagine a school crowdfunds 3000,- for a water tank for their Sister School, then this Dutch NGO adds 1000,- euro more.

Network membership

Sister Schools contribution (1 year) 1.250,-

Digital classroom support 35,- < 95,- Euro per child

The contribution fee is a yearly fee to support the organisation. The child dependent contribution is to set up digital classrooms and provide teacher trainings in Kenya.

Extras for free

Social Media film (1-3 minutes) of your school

Crowdfunding Campaign support

We also offer

A discount for 100 pupils or more

Sister Schools teachers

Training the Teachers (full day)


Schools in poor regions and without digital rooms can apply to join free of costs. The Child budget of their Sister School will cover for the digital devices and the internet connections.

Sponsorship & Tax reduction

Sister Schools has applied for the ANBI status, 'Algemeen nut beogende instelling (ANBI)' or Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). This means our organisation’s efforts are almost entirely committed to the public benefit.

ANBIs have a number of tax advantages, such as:

  • An ANBI does not pay Dutch inheritance tax or gift tax on inheritances.
  • An ANBI does not pay Dutch gift tax on gifts that the organisation awards to the public benefit.
  • Natural and legal persons who donate to an ANBI can deduct their gifts from their Dutch income tax or corporate income tax.