We are welcoming both public & private schools for primary & secondary level (age 10-12 and 13-15). However, our focus is on private schools located in poor areas. Most of the time these schools are just starting to give digital education and need assistance with creating a computer lab. We are looking for private schools and/or companies in Kenya, who also like to support these schools, so that hey can be connected to the world wide web.

The schools in Kenya don't need to pay an entrance fee. However, they need to fulfill some rules and regulations before they can enter the programme.


Get in contact with our Kenya manager Sarah Wanjira and find out if you can fulfill all the needs in order to take part. The most important is that your children can access a computer, laptop or tablet and that there is an internet connection available. Furthermore, we need one contact person within your school who can be responsible for the continuation of the exchange. Read carefully our Memorandum of Understanding:


Once every two weeks, you and the children will work on a Sisterschools assignment during school time. The children will be encouraged to work online and be in contact with the children of the European school as much as they want but minimum one hour each week. The school is responsible for the ongoing of the exchange, meaning that they should be able to supply internet and laptops/computers/tablets.