Berlage Lyceum, Amsterdam

We are welcoming both primary & secondary schools, who like to take part in this exchange programme, giving the schools in the developing world a chance to get connected to the internet and giving their own children the possibility to have direct contact with children from a totally different background and culture. We expect that this programme will help children to get a better understanding of the role they can play within our society. After following the programme they will be able to enrich and adapt their worldview with the newly obtained knowledge.

At this moment we are also looking into the possibility to link young people (age 15-20) to a new project in South Sudan. Here we are looking for highschools teaching (digital)media & business management. The idea is together with this school to start an educational programme in South Sudan where many children are deprived of education. See for more information about the South Sudan project here


We like to work together with bi-lingual schools for the exchange with Kenya. However we are also planning to start exchanges between Spanish speaking countries, so Spanish schools who like to become a sister school with a school in Latin America are welcome to join as well. In general the schools in Europe are paying for the programme, the schools in the developing countries are not.


Get in contact with our European manager Julia Strijland and find out if you can fulfill all the needs in order to take part. The most important is that you are committed to the programme and to the school, you will link up with. Many exchange projects fail because of the lack of perseverance. Furthermore, we need one contact person within your school who can be responsible for the continuation of the exchange. Read carefully our Memorandum of Understanding:


Once every two weeks, you and the children will work on a Sisterschools assignment during school time. The children will be encouraged to work online and be in contact with the children of the European school as much as they want but minimum one hour each week. The school is responsible for the ongoing of the exchange, meaning that they should be able to supply the support the children need.

Boys of the soccer team of Precious Arc High school

Girls of the Precious Arc High school, who just finished their exams