We offer a 2-year programme for primary schools (age 11-12)

We offer a 3-year programme for secondary schools (age 13-15)

This learning method will be developed in the upcoming three years together with the pilot schools. Therefore schools who enter the programme in this early stage of development can help to develop the content depending on their needs. We are looking for like-minded teachers and directors of schools, who believe in the power of intercultural exchange and 21st-century skills..

Our programme content:

Children are challenged to create their own learning pathway. Giving them both group- and individual assignments they themselves will challenge each other in getting good learning results. Finishing the assignments means a good result. It's not about the highestmark, but about a high level of commitment.

— Education

The following 21st-century skills will get strengthened in the several assignments the children will do during this programme: problem-solving, (online) digital & media skills, critical thinking, intercultural communication, self-regulation, creativity and cooperation. Furthermore, since the programme is in English, the children will learn to communicate in English in a playful way.

— Government

In most countries, schools work with a curriculum. The children have to make their exams and after getting their scores they either pass or fail. The attitude towards this model of education is changing rapidly, since what we learn, how we learn and why we learn are not anymore in line with what the children nowadays need to become successful and happy citizens in the 21st century.

— Business

We choose to work with private schools in developing countries because they have more freedom to use this new and alternative educational programme, we are offering with Sisterschools. On top of that, these private schools are mainly situated in slum areas where the directors and teachers are the one and only hope for the children, whose parents most of the time are not able to take care of their own children.

— Care

Sisterschools is now active in Kenya and the Netherlands. In both countries, we work with a team of educational experts and trustworthy partners. The schools in Kenya who need support in starting a computer lab get this extra support from our people. Our service helps the schools get trustworthy exchange partners and we make sure the relationship will be sustainable.