We are looking forward to work together with teachers and schools in Europe, Africa & South America. During school hours pupils age 13-16 will improve learning-, literacy- & life skills and get access to project based learning. We invite especially bi-lingual schools, schools with a special interest in International exchange programmes and/or schools who already embrace project based learning. We are inviting new schools on both sides of the wealth balance to sign up.


You can eiher start after autumn holidays in the Netherlands (october 2021) or first start with a kick off meeting in November. Then a two year programme will start in March 2022. During three blocks of six weeks pupils first will get to know each other before they will start working on mutual projects. These projects will have a direct positive effect on the local learning- and living environment of the schools. We need one contact person within your school who can be responsible for the Sister Schools Exchange Programme.


During three periods per year, the pupils and teachers will work on Sister Schools projectst during school time. The pupils will be encouraged to work online and be in contact with the children of the Sister School as much as they want. Before and after the lessonblocks there will be a live videocall with the Sister Schools. We offer (online) 'Training the Teacher' programmes. The lessonplans are sent in powerpoint presentations and teacher guides will be available. Schools can invite specialised trained Sister Schools teachers, who can also assist with organising special events.