Sister Schools is welcoming both public & private primary schools with pupils age 10-12. Dutch primary school 'De Verwondering' in the Netherlands has finished the first lessonblock and raised money during a crowd funding campaign for their Sister School 'St Andrews' in Kenya. The educational theme was about water, but can be different, depending on the challenges of the schools. Although the starting positions between the schools are inequal we believe that pupils from different cultures can learn a lot from each other, even if the written and spoken language is limited.


Schools will start with a kick off meeting. A first encounter between the two schools, where teachers and pupils will get acquainted with the programme. In a playful way they identify the two main challenges of their schools. This can be a lack of devices and learning materials, getting acces to clean water, creating a more safe learning environment or something else to improve.

The schools commit to establishing the 'sistership' for at least two years, in which the pupils will work on projects and exchange their ideas, knowledge and experience related to the challenges.


Teachers & pupils will work on Sister Schools assignments during school time. The pupils will be encouraged to create content (a poem, theatre show, film & video, crowdfunding or a newspaper) which they share with their Sister School. The contact between the schools will be etsablished at a regular basis. It depends on the connectivity possibilities within the schools and of the time differences between the countries, how often a live videocall can be established. The schools should be able to supply internet and laptops /computers /tablets. However the schools with less financial possibilities will be supported by Sister Schools.