Inequality in education has to do with inequality in social/economic backgrounds


Primary school the 'Verwondering' in Monnickendam gathered more than 3.000,- Euro for their Sister School St. Andrews in Mwingi, Kenya.

St. Andrews needs to buy a water truck so that they can gather there own water, in stead of spending 40 % of their total school budget on buying water for the school.

During the first six weeks of the exchange, the pupils from both schools have been learning about water, and how their daily lives differ from each other. They are establishing a longterm relationship with the intention to mutually benefit form this intercutural digital exchange.

The Mayor of Waterland, Marian van der Weele visited the school during their summer party and is interested in the possibility to create more 'Sisterships' between schools in Waterland and schools in Kenya.

Please support the crowdfunding for the watertank of St. Andrews in Mwingi!