Sistaas are the Local Learning Communities of Sister Schools


As a community we are responsible for our children and young adults. The Sister Schools pupils are working on projects during school time. Local Learning Communities (LLC's) are formed to stimulate the digital learning environment of the schools and to empower young people, with a special focus on girls and women.

The LLC's assist the Sister Schools in enabling digital education and in creating equal opportunities for all children worldwide.They focus on projectdevelopment, fundraising, social media / marketing, education & didactics and work together with other LLC's in the region, the nation and worldwide. The Sister Schools programme is not only an educational method, but with the focus on (world-)citizenship and participation also strengthens the civil society and enforces the social cohesion in neighbourhoods.

At this moment we are reaching out to volunteers/interns who can help our organisation grow. The Sister Schools programme is necessary to exclude the virus of ignorance, racism, polarization and populism. In stead it embraces trust, cooperation, diversity & inclusion and positive change from bottom-up.

Download our vision on creating Local Learning Communities. You or your company can help us create succesful local community projects.

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