Together with a team of volunteers both in the Netherlands and in Kenya we work hard on creating the Digital Educational Exchange Programme (DEEP), to develop the training the teacher materials and to improve the content of the lesson blocks.

Sarah Wanjira (in the middle of the picture) is the countrymanager of DEEP-Kenya. Furthermore in Kenya we work together with:

Hassan Ahmed (Visual media & trainer)

Phanuel Omondi (Educational expert & trainer)

Zacchaeus Awino (funding & finance)

Esther Mungai (English teacher & socila media)

Kazungu Peter Safari & Naomi Wariara (platform developers)

Kenyan board members:

Chair: Grace Kavinguha, Elijah Oluoch, Joshua Omondi & Sarah Wanjira

Advicory group:

Ms. Mercy Nyaga Shikwe

Julia Strijland is a social entrepreneur, documentary filmmaker, educational & change expert and teacher 'visual storytelling' for startups, media professionals and students. She has her company MoMo Productions. When she started Sisterschools at the beginning of 2018, a dream came true. Her skills and expertise of the past 20 years come together.

Since 2022 she will be assisted in the management of the organisation by Esra BinRasheed (photo above), a young ambitious volunteer, whose wish it is to help people and nations to grow and develop awareness around urgent matters.

Born in the capital city of Yemen, Sana’a in 1995, Esrah holds a bachelor degree in Business Management from Majan University College in Oman, awarded with honors from Bedfordshire University UK.

"At the time, I participated in some local charities such as, Orphans and Cancer associations, as a volunteer, in partnership with some friends and colleagues in organizing some fundraising in order to support and encourage such purposeful organizations. This inspired me to pursue a career in Non-profit organizations and INGO’s. After moving to the Netherlands for two years I discovered the potential of voluntary work in the Dutch society and its expansion in the country; lots of organizations with different purposes meant for different categories’ as well as the number of people willing to give their full efforts to reform society. Through my personal experience as a newcomer to the Netherlands, my eyes fell on many issues such as, cultural differences, new language, different educational system etc. concerning the means that would empower newcomers and their families adapt to the new situation and build a new future. Being part of Sisterschool means Connecting the right people with each other and to make good education accessible for every children, and that is my new aim now. "

Dutch Board members

Sabine Egeraat (Chair), Collins Lidede, Margot Hartevelt

Advisory group

Kenneth van Tol (fundraising), Marcel de Jong (organisation), Rijn Broere (finance), Dorien Beurskens (Africa entrepreneur), Ger Rolsma (Education)

Collins Lidede

Collins Lidede, born and raised in Kenya has lived in the US before moving to the Neherlands. He is an ICT expert and has a strong motivation to make Sister Schools great!

Sabine Egeraat

Her personal mission in life is to help people connect with each other. Small. steps cvanlead to big impact, both on a personal level as on a business level. In the past 20 years Sabine lived in many different countries. in Europe, the Americas and in Asia. Her slogan: "If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you!"

Margot Hartevelt

Margot has always been socially involved and works as a history teacher in secondary education. She has been involved with Sister DSchools since the beginning of 2021 and supports the foundation as a board member and edcuational expert. It is precisely at secondary. schools in the Netherlands that she identifies a great need for internationalization and digitization.