Sister Schools Netherland works together with local organisations worlwide

Sister Schools is a network organisation, collaborating with stakeholders around the schools, with NGO's, universities and corporates. The baobab tree symbolises the organisation structure.

The strength of the trunk, growing in dry areas with little resources forms a reliable and strong base for the tranches to grow and sprout. It's the DEEP platform where all people involved can connect and interact and work on projects together.

The several branches are symbolising the different countries and the root structures are the connected Sister Schools and the Local Learning Communities.


Sister Schools is a foundation (established March 2021) of mostly volunteers, working for the benefit of children, creating a strong organisational structure and strategic vision. The longterm ambition is to connect schools worldwide and become a well known programme in international education.

Sister Schools is fully committed to the public good and serves the common good through virtually all of its activities on a non-profit basis.


Our head quarters is based in the Netherlands. The board is deciding on the structure and vision for the organisation. Momentaruly working with Julia Strijland as the founder and executive director.

In Kenya the trust 'DEEP-Kenya' has been established under the leadership of Sarah Wanjira.

With future coordinators and/or country managers, Sister Schools will establish license agreements for the usage of the Sister Schools method and logo.


All board members meet the integrity requirements and are not being paid for their services.
In the future, Sister Schools will work with employees who will be scaled in accordance with the guidelines of Charity Netherlands. Volunteers can receive a travel allowance.