A nonprofit organisation to give access to good education for ALL children

Mission; Sister Schools offers global awareness and cooperation in the exchange of knowledge, experience and expertise between teachers and pupils which gives tangible shape to global citizenship for the learners.

The ambition and working method are written down in the policy of the foundation Sister Schools (established March 2021). An English translation will follow soon.

What, so what, now what

This assignment shows the pupils the causes and effects of (world-) challenges and what they could do in order to have a positive impact.


The groupwork, stimulates the intrinsic motivation of the learners, enlarges their creative and critical skills and gives pupils a voice.

Vision; The organization aims at creating a digitally connected educational network to improve the living- and learning environment of children and to create equal opportunities for education.

Join the educational innovators of the 21st century. We are global, connected and commited to give the new generation equal opportunities through access to information and education. Our core values are

  • cooperation in interdependence and interconnectedness
  • equality for an inclusive world
  • taking children and young people seriously