Digital Educational Exchange Project between schools in Europe and Kenya.



Digital Educational Exchange Programme between schools Worldwide

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A film, made by students in Nairobi about a neighborhood just behind their school.

Tedtalk by Educational specialist Ken Robinson: "Creativity is as important as is learning how to write and read".

Please leave your comments in the above forum and discuss with other teachers and pupils.

Jack Ma, one of the richest persons in the world, left his company Alibaba to invest his time in education: "We need to teach the so-called 'soft skills'."


Children are challenged to create their own learning pathway. Giving them both group- and individual assignments they themselves will challenge each other in getting good learning results. Finishing the assignments means a good result. It's not about scoring the highest mark, but about a high level of commitment.

— Education

Our program is dedicated to giving children a better understanding of the world in which they live. This is not a development aid project, but an educational project. This means that we are convinced that the children in the Netherlands are learning from the children in Kenya and vice versa. While following this programme they will be better equipped to start solving their own problems and helping others to solve theirs.

— Connection to the curriculum

Worldwide the educational sector is challenged by the rapidly evolving digital and scientific developments, which change the world. Human beings need to relate themselves to this new world and make sense of it in such a way that they can live happy and prosperous lives. Both in Kenya & in Europe -the Netherlands, Spain - 21st century skills, digital learning, bi-lingual learning, and global citizenship are high on the agenda!

— Volunteers

We work with volunteers who like to help the schools both in Kenya & the Netherlands or Spain to work with our programme. We also are looking for volunteers who have an interest in digital media and like to help schools in Kenya to improve their digital- and media labs. Furthermore, we encourage volunteers in the Netherlands and Spain from another cultural background to engage with us finding new schools in other developing countries.

— Educators

We work with teachers who want to stimulate children's creativity, intrinsic motivation, and interest in the world around them. Without a passion for learning, schools become factories for scoring high numbers instead of being the stimulating learning environment they are meant to be. Enforcing children's own responsibility for their learning is helping them to make better decisions once they are adults.